I'm back!

I'm representing my new state of mind using a different font.

Things seem to be getting better. Dropped GCSE Art (one of the courses I've been doing at school) because it was making me mentally unstable how hard it was to actually come up with anything. As a result, coursework seems under control. Mock exams went really well, no reason I can't get lots of A* (the top grade) GCSEs.

Garry's Mod: made Finger Sniper SWEP which is pretty cool and has had a positive response. Probably doing some other stuff too.

Team Fortress 2: Our clan 'Pissed Geese' has been making some real progress. For example, we aren't losing every match we enter into. Hooray!

Audiosurf: is awesome.

That's all I can remember happening in the last while.