Exam week over, back to 'real' work

Working on the gamemode again. It's sharpening up. Still got to finish the HUD and incorporate the rest of upgrades, but hell, it's LOOKING good already. Little touches like changing the offsets on weapons and customizing the bullet tracers have made all the difference - that, and Ep2 blood effects.

Here's a basic lifetime, in chronological order. I cheated - you're not meant to have 3 weapons - but hell, for the pictures... :D

P.S. this is dm_powerhouse, I didn't make this map.


Sassafrass said...

The crosshair looks nice and I'm digging the unique gun positions; I'm not used to seeing them angled like that.
Apart from that, it just looks like a regular deathmatch. I'm sure there's a major difference seeing it in action. You should post a video next time.
Also, is this your first comment?

Anonymous said...

^Guy above

It's not like a regular deathmatch because it's shaped totally around customizing your weapon and player with unique upgrades. Or at least that's what i've heard.

You got the first post. Ever.