Ironsights Designer: making rubbish hexed weapons with ironsights just got easier

Working on something that should be very useful to a small number of people for a very short amount of time. It's inspired by Kogsitune's useful Ironsights Helper which allows you to move along each individual axis of position and angle offset using left-click, right-click, and cycling axes with right-click, Reload and Use, is various fashions. It was a good tool, but I felt that it still took far too long to get good positions, and precision was a complex task. For my take on the idea, I've used mouse control allowing you to drag the weapon around into position. There's four different axes groups to work on - Pos X/Z, Pos Y, Ang X/Y(P/Y) and Ang Z(R), which you switch through with secondary fire, and holding primary goes into 'drag mode' where your mouse movements are converted into offsetting.

This is a screenshot that's a little outdated from where I am now, but shows the idea:


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