No good smoking

It's really hard to get a good smoke effect, via Lua, In Garry's Mod. Which makes trying to make a rocket launcher REALLY DIFFICULT, I mean, seriously awkward.

Yesterday was good (but I forgot to post). Got lots of work done on the submachinegun and shotgun of the GMod gamemode. SMG laserguide is fun - toggleable by right-click, it's a red beam from your weapon that bounces on metal surfaces (your bullets also bounce off metal surfaces). You can see other people's laserguides - I took these screenshots using some bots (Blogger is being very evil about me adding images):

Photobucket Photobucket

Computer shutting down randomly during playing Crysis. I'm suspecting something overheats based on the fan going into hyperdrive when I reboot the computer, but I honestly do not know. Source games (HL2, GMod) are unaffected so I am still fully functional.

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Sassafrass said...

I saw this weeks ago, but never left a comment. What's the story on this project? Is it going to be complete,and it's just on hold because of Crazy Delivery? or was it canceled? Anyway, Stay classy San Diego.