T-T-T-Tricka Utility...

So, I've finally done enough house-cleaning of the gamemode and got started on utilities. This is probably going to be one of the most complex parts of the gamemode, if I do complete it, because unlike with weapons and suchlike there's no existing framework to work on - half my job will be making sure players are properly synced, which is fine for a single-shot device like a scanner, but less fine for a cloaking device that constantly drains charge based on movement speed and carrying weight. Ah well, I'm sure it'll work out fine, and let's be honest, any amount of coding is worth it if you get jetpacks, right?

I probably forgot to mention when I added player upgrades. Although my original plans didn't really include having player upgrades (why would a gun manufacturer upgrade their staff?) testing made it quite clear that later in the game players will need more health, and perhaps armour, for fights to last more than a second (I'm looking at you, fully-upgraded M4A1 that fires at 1200RPM). But why leave it at extra health? Players can also research move speed and jump power upgrades for their team. Combine this with holding only a light pistol and you can run and jump hilarious distances - which is awesome.

Not much more to say. Once I get round to doing research icons, I'll post screenshots of the somewhat visually improved techtree. Other than that... I guess gamemodes take time. <:/

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